Project Presentation at ELO SYS 2017

Juraj Machaj presented the project work at International Trade Fair for Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering, Electronics, Lighting and Telecommunications - ELO SYS 2017, held in Nitra, Slovakia, on May 23-26, 2017. The presentation was focused on positioning technologies for services in smart cities and smart buildings. The event was attended by companies and general public interested in field of electrical engineering and telecommunications. The audience was mixed from business, universities and public with different background from engineers to marketing specialists.
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Communication of SENSIBLE to RAMBOLL worldwide staff

On May 19, 2017, Dr Lina Stankovic from the University of Strathclyde, presented a keynote on the concept of Smart and Liveable buildings and how the SENSIBLE consortium is tackling the challenges associated with intelligent buildings at the 2017 Liveable Buildings 2.0 Conference in RAMBOLL Head Office in Copenhagen, organised every two years by RAMBOLL’s Sustainability Network for RAMBOLL staff and clients. The audience, comprising 80 RAMBOLL staff from branches across the world and 11 clients had a mixed background from sustainable engineers and architects to marketing specialists and project managers. This 2-day conference demonstrated RAMBOLL’s endeavours towards building smart, resilient and liveable buildings and the various projects staff are working on.

During the conference, a visit to RAMBOLL’s Head Office Building and Virtual Solution Lab was organized, where the sustainable features of the building were explored, demonstrating how RAMBOLL is embracing virtual reality and interactive screens for improving visualization of various data. At the end of the conference, Lina Stankovic was part of the expert panel taking questions on the sensing and analysis of data from Smart Buildings, including privacy concerns. While RAMBOLL-UK (led by Graeme McCutcheon at the Glasgow office) is a beneficiary in SENSIBLE, this conference was an opportunity to highlight the research efforts of SENSIBLE to a global RAMBOLL audience and its clients. Graeme McCutcheon was one of the conference organisers, is part of RAMBOLL’s Sustainability Network and also presented on marketing the Liveable Building Concept during the conference.

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Experience of PhD researcher on his SENSIBLE secondment

Having the opportunity to visit and work alongside experienced professionals in Scheidt and Bachmann Slovakia (SBS) for a period of one month benefited me greatly, both from a professional perspective as well as personally. I quickly discovered that SBS are at the forefront of the development of turn-key solutions for the automotive industry. From petrol stations to signalling and parking systems, SBS have found technical solutions to address complex everyday needs. SBS have a huge global presence, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they provide the local suburban train ticketing systems in my hometown of Glasgow! During my secondment, I was able to work on a project broadening my research skills; I gained new skills working with code and electronics for readout purposes from the type of pressure/temperature sensors I have been developing as part of my PhD research. Interaction with SBS engineers also opened my eyes to the business perspective, an aspect of research I have not thought much about. On a personal level, having the opportunity to visit Zilina in Slovakia gave me a rare opportunity to meet new people and discover a new culture and way of life. Such opportunities rarely come around, and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.