The goal of this project is to develop a novel integrated decision support mechanism embedding intelligent sensing, communications and data processing methodology for improving sustainability of smart buildings through new insights, approaches and technologies for acquisition, communications, and extraction of useful information from the sheer volume of sensed data in the built environment. To reach this goal, the following research and innovation objectives and sub-objectives will be pursued:

1. Sensors & Instrumentation:
Advancing sensor designs and signal processing for smart buildings.

2. Sensor Acquisition & Communications:
Designing energy-efficient Internet of Things (IoT)- and Network of Things (NoT)-based architecture for seamlessly acquiring signals from smart objects.

3. Data processing & Interpretation:
Developing novel near real-time data analytics approaches for extracting meaningful information from the acquired data.

4. Decision Support for Smart Buildings:
Ensuring relevance, validity, accuracy and scalability through the application to smart buildings via cross-sectoral utilization of findings and demonstrating the effectiveness of the proposed solutions with close collaboration with end-users.