Low-voltage organic thin-film transistors and sensors

On 9 May 2017, Dr Helena Gleskova (University of Strathclyde) gave a seminar at McGill University in Canada, on the topic of wearable sensors. Wearable sensors are likely to be powered by batteries or energy-harvesting devices. Consequently, the sensors need to operate at low voltages. Gate dielectrics with sub-10-nm thickness can provide organic transistors with operating voltage as low as 1.5 V. The transistor can serve as the first-stage signal amplifier and a converter of the targeted external stimulus to voltage. This talk summarized the steps and advanced in the fabrication of such low-voltage organic transistors and presented recent results of pressure and temperature sensors based on organic transistors. which examined the key disruptive milestones which led to a transformation of IT into ICE, then discussed the resulting challenges, looked at possible solutions and showed why advanced all-optical devices may help to enable more scalable solutions via advanced optical code-division multiple-access approaches.

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